In Egyptian iconography, Sekhmet has the head of a lioness and the body of a woman and Her name means “female powerful one.”She sits, head crowned by the sun and the ureaus, a striking cobra.

She is black, gleaming in the light that shines through the arched doorways. Her human-size statue is seated on a throne, an ankh clasped in Her left hand, rosettes inscribed on Her nipples, ears alert – the corporeal manifestation of female majesty and power.

With the head of a lion and a woman’s body, Sekhmet embodies all that is animal, human, and divine.

Sekhmet: Lady of Flames

Listen to Abigail Spinner McBride's beautiful homage to Sekhmet

Read about Sekhmet from those who know Her: Normandi Ellis, Margaret Atwood, Nicki Scully, Barbara Hand Clow, Hank Wesselman, Chandra Alexandre, and Genevieve Vaughan. 

"A feast of poems, hymns, invocations, guided meditations, translations, inscriptions, testimonies, channelings, rituals and short essays" -- Michael York

Take a class with Anne Key, Priestess of Sekhmet:

"Though I knew about Sekhmet for many years, my journey with Her began when I came to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality dedicated to Sekhmet in Nevada. I began as a priestess, and later became Her priestess. She is a complex Goddess with an ancient history. At first I tried to understand Her myths and the stories of Her rage, and I ended with knowing Her as a healer, especially one who heals the heart. I look forward to exploring Her many aspects with you."