In Egyptian iconography, Sekhmet has the head of a lioness and the body of a woman and Her name means “female powerful one.”She sits, head crowned by the sun and the ureaus, a striking cobra.

She is black, gleaming in the light that shines through the arched doorways. Her human-size statue is seated on a throne, an ankh clasped in Her left hand, rosettes inscribed on Her nipples, ears alert – the corporeal manifestation of female majesty and power.

With the head of a lion and a woman’s body, Sekhmet embodies all that is animal, human, and divine.

Sekhmet: Lady of Flames

Listen to Abigail Spinner McBride's beautiful homage to Sekhmet

Read about Sekhmet from those who know Her: Normandi Ellis, Margaret Atwood, Nicki Scully, Barbara Hand Clow, Hank Wesselman, Chandra Alexandre, and Genevieve Vaughan in Heart of the Sun: An Anthology in Exaltation to Sekhmet. 

"A feast of poems, hymns, invocations, guided meditations, translations, inscriptions, testimonies, channelings, rituals and short essays" -- Michael York

Take a class with Anne Key, Priestess of Sekhmet:

"Though I knew about Sekhmet for many years, my journey with Her began when I came to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality dedicated to Sekhmet in Nevada. I began as a priestess, and later became Her priestess. She is a complex Goddess with an ancient history. At first I tried to understand Her myths and the stories of Her rage, and I ended with knowing Her as a healer, especially one who heals the heart. I look forward to exploring Her many aspects with you."