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Flower essences are infusions of flowers in water that are then stabilized in a solution of brandy and water. They contain no scent or perfume, unlike essential oils. 

Liquid Grace Flower Essences are lovingly prepared by Genevieve Mitchell, NP. Contact her for more information: or 575-649-5479.

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Liquid Grace Flower Essences


CALM  *Apache Plume, * Lettuce, *Prickly Pear, *Ocotillo: Helps us to stay calm, balance and encourages feelings of peace and ease.  Offers us strength wholeness, and emotional balance. 

CONFIDENCE *Elecampane,* Silverleaf Nightshade *Thistle *Trumpet Vine: This supports self-empowerment, courage for manifesting your soul purpose.  For owning ones power, for courage to make decisions that support your life purpose.  Helps one to be strong and fearless.  

CREATIVITY *Desert Bird of Paradise *Desert Marigold *Mallow *White Thorn: Supports creative self-expression, helps release hidden talents and promotes creative flow.  For allowing the best and often hidden creative parts of life to manifest. 

FOCUS  *Claret Cup Cactus *Desert Four O’Clock *Queen Anne’s Lace *Scarlet Globe Mallow: Focus is for clarity, finding purpose and discernment.  This essence is supportive for sharp, calm clearness.  It creates space to find discern your best and highest good even in a world of chaos and confusion. 

GRATITUDE *Apple *Mesquite *Morning Glory *Purple Aster: Gratitude is for appreciation and gratefulness in all aspects of our lives. For recognition of hope, positivity, and blessings of our own gifts and vitality.  Helps us to feel joy filled about the ordinariness of life. 

JOY  *Hollyhock *Ice Plant *Peach *Sunflower: Joy encourages delight, positive thinking, laughter and celebration.  Allows us to shine, releasing our inner radiance and playfulness honoring ourselves and others.  

MOVING FORWARD *Alfalfa *Apricot *Desert Willow *Periwinkle *Plum: Moving Forward is for transitions, cleansing old patterns in preparation for the new, for support in doing the next steps on the journey with calm and grace.  For feeling safe, optimistic and for moving beyond limited or negative thinking. 

NM RESCUE *Apache Plume *Echinacea *Prickly Pear *Spanish Broom *Thistle: NM Rescue serves as a soothing and stabilizing essence for all types of shock, trauma or intense fear.  It provides balance, calm and courage in the face of adversity. 

RELEASE *Chaparral *Cholla Cactus *Dandelion *Feverfew *Squash: For clearing and releasing patterns, emotional heaviness and past influences.  It is purifying, balancing, with a feeling of freedom, clarity and inner stability.

Liquid Grace Flower Essences

Liquid Grace Combination Descriptions:

Daily Living Essences

SACRED SELF  *Calendula  *Dicrondra *White Desert Primrose *Pink Rose *Yarrow: Sacred Self gently provides shelter and connection with the Divine.  It promotes alignment of our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to our highest and best good.

 GODDESS  *Mother Mary, *Goddess Labyrinth, *Goddess Temple: Goddess Essence allows opening to the Divine Mother, Goddess and Gaia while embodying our highest and best self.  For honoring ones divine feminine self, courageously and unapologetically.

 PRIESTESS  *Claret Cup Cactus *Larkspur *Sacred Datura *Scarlet Gaura *Spanish Broom: Priestess Essence is for standing in God’s light, awakening to the Divine present internally and in others. It develops our spiritual leadership skills, provides hope, clarity, focus and connection with the spiritual world.

Spiritual Leadership Remedies

(Capitalized names indicate flower is included in a combination remedy essence) 


 Apache Plume- Balance Soothes and stabilizes the nervous system.  Aligns and balances emotional energies.  Allows us access to inner wisdom and connection with the unseen.    CALM, NM RESCUE 

Alfalfa-  Strength Nourishment for the spirit, connects us with Mother Earth, grounding and strengthening. MOVING FORWARD

Apple- Abundance.  For finding the richness inside who we are.  Helps us to see the sweetness deep within.  GRATITUDE 

Apricot- Safety- For safely exploring little known parts of ourselves that we want to develop.  Comfort when presenting to the world.  MOVING FORWARD

 Calendula- Wound Healer Helps us to acknowledge and accept our wounds and scars as part of our journey.  Allows us to operate from strength and safety.  Supports us to preside and orchestrate at the ritual of our life.  SACRED SELF 

Chaparral- Release  Allows us to honor and release bitter or pain filled past experience.  For allowing light, grace and forgiveness to move into places of grief and trauma. RELEASE

Cholla Cactus- Sacred Connection- For feeling strength in times of challenge.  For allowing the integrated soul self to stay connected to the Divine.

Claret Cup Cactus  Focus- Allows focus, clarity and mental space attend to priorities.  For those who feel scattered.  Good for meditation.  FOCUS

 Dandelion- Cleanse- Eases the burdens of an overfull life.  Helps to detoxify energy, relationship and space.  A tonic for congestion.  Allows us to move into spiritual growth unburdened and with wisdom and energy for the journey.  RELEASE 

Desert Bird of Paradise- Presence- For being present in ones body, and showing my real self in all it’s beauty.  For honoring the parts of ourself we don’t find beautiful.  To find and share our hidden beauty and creativity.  CREATIVITY  

Desert Four O’Clock- Gentleness   For recognizing and honoring our physical and emotional cycles.  For becoming conscious of our choices.  A reminder to be gentle with ourselves.  FOCUS 

Desert Marigold- Personal Power- For standing strong even in the winds of change, challenge or dryness.  For taking charge or responsibility of oneself. Supports the ability to show your true radiant colors without fear.  CONFIDENCE

 Desert Willow-Adaptable-  For blossoming even in the rockiest of soils.  Recognizing one can be strong and gentle with ones self and others.  Fosters our ability to adapt and appreciate the beauty of the present circumstances.  MOVING FORWARD 

Dichrondra- Grounding- Helps with reconnecting with the earth, with our core soul self, allowing us to see the divinity in our present circumstances.  Refreshment and nourishment for the journey.  SACRED SELF 

Echinacea- Strength For strength after trauma or grief. Support when feeling depleted.  A nourishing tonic for the spirit when things are bitter or hard to take.  NM RESCUE

 Elecampane-  Fearless- Fosters ability to stand in our power.  For leadership, clarity of direction and the willingness to step on to an unknown path.  Helps one to be strong and fearless.  CONFIDENCE 

Feverfew- Appreciation-  Allow uis to appreciate the small gifts in life.   Helps us access relaxed, calm serenity and a grateful heart.   Helps us to express our appreciation to ourself and others.  RELEASE

 Hedgehog Claret Cup Cactus-  Attention- For bringing focused attention to the present moment.  For situations requiring mental steadiness, and direction. Facilitates a sharp focus and clarity.  PRIESTESS 

Hollyhock- Delight-  For open expression of delight, pleasure and gratitude for ourselves and those who share our life.  Helps heal hurt filled relationships.  For vitality and confidence in moving forward.  JOY

 Ice Plant- Resiliency- Support the ability to bloom where we are planted.  To celebrate where we are in our growth cycle.  Helps us to access laughter, hope and a sense of kinship with others.   JOY

 Larkspur- Service- Supports strong and caring leadership.  Allows us to remain strong, focused and calm as we do our sacred work.  PRIESTESS 

Lettuce- Calm Offers strength, wholeness and balance through calmness.  For patience and a willingness to listen.  Supports clarity of thought and speech.  CALM

 Mallow- Creativity For opening to the beauty, magic and art of the soul, for being a channel of creative expression.  CREATIVITY

 Mesquite- Honoring My Self For self- honoring, accepting and forgiving.  Helps us to appreciate our gifts and strengths even when it appears no one recognizes who we are or the gifts we bring.  GRATITUDE 

Morning Glory- Joy Morning Glory supports us to shine, to meet the sun with vitality and exuberance.  It helps us to focus on task with joy.  GRATITUDE

 Ocotillo- Kindness  For balancing strong emotions with kindness towards oneself and others.  When one feels irritable, victimized, or powerless.  Supports allowing actions to spring from love not obligation.  CALM

 Peach- Inspiration  Peach inspires us to soak in the sweetness and juiciness of life.  It gives us permission to play and supports us to open our heart to the radiance that is us.  JOY 

Periwinkle- Moving Forward Allows is to acsk for help when we can’t see our way.  For wisdom, understanding and discernment for new phases of life.  MOVING FORWARD

 Plum- True Self  Allows us to share our Divine self in order to better serve or move into our greater good.  Supports our vulnerability as we reveal our true self and true calling to the world.  MOVING FORWARD

 Pink Rose- Heart Connection- Helpful and gentle support for all imbalances, especially those of the heart and heart connections.  For accessing the sweetness, grace and acceptance of ones place in the world.  A sacred reminder of our daily divine connection.  SACRED SELF  

Prickly Pear- Balance-  For balance, inner calm and adaptability in harsh circumstances. Allows us to work with and be supportive of others while staying centered.   CALM, NM RESCUE

 Purple Aster- Delight For joy filled gratitude for the familiar and everyday moments of life.  For recognizing the Sacred and the mystical in the ordinary.  GRATITUDE 

Queen Anne’s Lace- Equilibrium  Helpful when feeling scattered or divided.  Allows what is closed to be opened. Helpful to let go of the illusion of powerlessness.  FOCUS

 Sacred Datura -Expansion- Dissolves old illusions, beliefs and roles that have shaped our view of the world.  Allows us to see beyond what is presenting and see an expanded, wider and wiser view of the situation.  For dreaming, imaging and visioning. PRIESTESS 

Scarlet Guara  -Insight- Allowing deep insights and inner wisdom to unfold and be in service of the whole. Provides us with gentle support in work with others.  PRIESTESS

Scarlet Globe Mallow-  Empowerment Allows a sense of hope, support and empowerment.  Provides a connection to the spiritual world for knowing what we need and taking action.  For when we feel small and insignificant.  FOCUS

Silver Leaf Nightshade- Courage Supports the courage to make decisions that support your life purpose and desires; enables you to own your own power.  CONFIDENCE

Spanish Broom –Optimism- Surrounds you with sun like energy of encouragement, purpose and fortitude.  For strength during times of fear or trauma.  NM RESCUE, PRIESTESS

Squash- Release Releases frustration and anger.  Balances the yin and yang in both sexes.  Harmony and radiance. RELEASE

 Sunflower- Joy- Lights up our inner and outer worlds, allowing us shine!  Our inner radiance becomes our outer radiance.  Supports self-esteem, confidence and joy.  JOY 

Thistle –Protection- Allows us to use our protection and boundaries while interacting positively with others and our environment.  For courage in adversity, enables inner strength, confidence and positive action. NM RESCUE

 Trumpet Vine – Communication Helps with verbal expression. For articulate self expression, confident sharing of one self in social situations. CONFIDENCE 

White Desert Primrose- Self Worth-  Promotes self worth, trusting and valuing oneself; clarifies discernment of soul pattern and purpose.  SACRED SELF

 White Thorn- Gentleness White Thorn is to allow kindness and gentleness to radiate while finding new ways to view a situation.   It allows creative flow.  CREATIVITY 

Yarrow- Awareness-   Yarrow helps stabilize the awareness of important elements and minimize the distracting details of daily living.  It supports identification of core priorities and allows for compassionate healing of self.  SACRED SELF

 References:  Alchemy of the Desert by Cynthia Kemp Scherer, Complete Book of Flower Essences by Rhonda Pallas Downey, FloweEssence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz



Mother Mary-  Divine Mother- Made during the full moon in a Mother Mary garden.  Brings insight, wisdom and grace; connects us to the Divine Mother within and as a vessel of Divine Feminine in the world.  GODDESS 

Goddess Labyrinth- Goddess- Made in the center of a labyrinth dedicated to honoring Gaia, the Divine Feminine and all Goddesses. Brings spiritual insight, compassion and soul purpose into focus.  GODDESS

Goddess Temple- Transformation- Made at the Goddess Temple dedicated to the Goddess Sekhmet.  For honoring spiritual transformation, restoring our capacities to be courageous, powerful and strong even in the face of difficulty.  GODDESS



Amethyst - Facilitates healing, strength, enhances mental clarity and strengthens will power in order to help control passions and break bad habits.  Stimulates love, improves memory, coordinates nervous and endocrine systems. 

Rose Quartz -  Difficulty with anger or tension, especially associated with the father parental image.  Confidence.  A thought amplifier.  Used for circulation.  The heart and the throat chakras are stimulated.