Resources on Priestsessing

The Women’s Thealogical Institute (WTI) is a multidimensional school and seminary for women who wish to further their understanding of the Goddess, women’s spirituality, and/or women’s witchcraft. Being a part of WTI lets women learn, practice, and share their spiritual work with others on similar paths. 

Priestess Training in Glastonburyk, UK: In ancient times the role of Priestess or Priest of the Goddess was recognized as a Sacred Calling, for those who wished to serve Goddess, within one of the many Temples which were built in Her honour. Even though today there are few living Goddess Temples in our western cultures the opportunity to train as a Priestess or Priest of Goddess is once again being offered to those who wish to reclaim and remember this ancient path of devotion and service to Goddess. 

The MotherHouse of the Goddess is a Gathering Place for seekers of sacred living, particularly modern women. We share resources on Goddess and Women’s Spirituality and mindful living, provide online courses, and promote and organize events online and offline. The MotherHouse is the hub for blog posts and information for those who are seeking myth and practice, everyday sacred living, mindfulness, empowerment, and community for Goddess Spirituality and the Divine Feminine. Seasonal articles, living mythology, tools and practices, and transformational stories are all a part of our exchange.

College of Isis Lyceum Magi Degree System offers structured programs of study based upon the Magi Degree system. They may be taught either in person or through correspondence. Each curriculum is completely original and based upon the Dedicatory Deities of the Lyceum. Hierophants are at least 4th degree Magi and function as Lyceum preceptors in the College of Isis.