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The Jade Oracle: Deities & Symbols of Ancient Mexico

This powerful divination deck features original artwork and brings the wisdom of ancient Mexican symbolism to a new generation. The Jade Oracle is a spiritual tool used for divination and introspection. There will be 52 beautifully illustrated cards accompanied by a booklet tto guide you through understanding the mythology and interpretations of the cards.

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Here is a sample card and divination -- please help us bring these to life!

Xilonen  Espíritu del maiz tierno  The Spirit of Young Corn

While Chicomecoatl is the goddess of mature corn, Xilonen is “she that lives like young corn,” emphasizing her innocence. A deity of sustenance, she was honored at festivals that included singing and dancing, and her priestesses wore garlands of marigolds and scattered flowers of the tobacco plant.

 Xilonen can signify youth or a “youthful stage” of a project, a state of innocence. She reminds you that if you want to have strong stalks and healthy crops, you need to continue nurturing the young plant. Consider making an offering to honor all that nurtures the young corn in yourself.

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"To honor the element of water, I wrote a chant that we often used at the beginning of ritual in the temple: Waters of my soul; Blood of the Earth; Spring of Life; Wash over me. Singing, chanting, invoking, and honoring water awakens my water within and connects me to the waters of the Earth." --

Anne KeyDesert Priestess